Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby, Its Cold -

Although a number of singers have recorded Baby, Its Cold Outside through the years, I prefer Dean Martin. Guess its my age. When you look at the lyrics, it really isn’t a Christmas song, but you always hear it sung during the holidays and it remains a favorite with me.

It sure is cold outside in northwest Tennessee. I promised myself I wouldn’t complain about cold weather this year as our summer was insufferably hot. Only a few short weeks ago there was an article in the newspaper predicting warm weather through February. Well, whoever ventured out onto that limb was terribly mistaken. It is cold outside, and has been for about 3 weeks now.

I didn’t see the lunar eclipse this week but I did notice that it was still pretty dark at 7am on Tuesday morning. I read that Tuesday was to be the darkest day the western hemisphere has seen since the 1600’s because the total lunar eclipse coincided with the shortest day of the year, but it seemed like a normal cloudy winter day by the afternoon. I bundled up and spent some time taking pictures in my yard. Of course, everything is barren except for the evergreens but I enjoy the seasonal changes and even see beauty in the plants that have gone dormant for the winter. I fear some of my landscape may be worse off than just dormant due to the severity of the summer, but I’ll deal with that in the spring.

Oops..... an overlooked Easter egg that had been hidden behind the daylilies!


I love the looks of dried hydrangea blooms. Should have brought some of these inside.

These are the dried pods on a crepe myrtle. Crepe myrtles are beautiful here in the summertime, but the bark and these dried pods are beautiful in the winter.

This is a dried Oak Leaf Hydrangea bloom. I guess that Oak Leaf Hydrangea bush is about 15 years old. I am very partial to it.

For the past couple of mornings the weatherman has been telling us that we stand a good chance of having a white Christmas. Oh, I hope so! That is rare in my neck of the woods, and this year will be special for more than one reason. I have a special gift to give and I’m as excited as I hope the recipient will be. Stay tuned.


bibi said...

I am enjoying your blog and hope you will continue to post. I finished my little dress that I started at Beth's and LOVE it. I will do the slip this week. I have a few pictures and thoughts about your class on my blog,
Hope to take another class from you soon! debbie gunn(aka bibi)

Prissy said...

Mimi, where on earth did you go? I'm missing reading your blog so very much! Hope all is well with you. Kinda worried.

Hugs, Prissy

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